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L I V E   S T R E A M

 C L A S S E S

If you want to deepen your practice and get stronger, more flexible and calm, then join me from the comfort of your home for these live online classes to elevate your body, mind and soul. 


what students say...


Attending Vinay's online yoga classes has been the best form of self-care I've found. The holistic approach, precise instructions and the variations offered in every asana to suit every level of practitioner keeps me going back to attending more of his classes. Although my favourite remains his vinyasa flow, each class is different and is a new learning experience every time. My five stars goes out to all his classes. 

Rekha Tejasvi, India

I have been attending Vinay's online classes for a while and I found them to be very helpful. The verbal cues given by Vinay made the asanas achievable. There has been a remarkable improvement in my yoga journey thanks to Vinay's classes. Hope and wish to continue learning from you online.

Srimalini Rachuri, India

Anchor online classes


This September, explore the depth of your practice. Join me for LIVE online sessions all through this month. This 12 class pass is the perfect opportunity to learn and develop your yoga practice as a way of life rather than something you do once in a while. 

The immersion includes:
- 8 Vinyasa flow classes
- 2 Hatha sessions
- 1 Yin session with guided relaxation
- 1 Pranayama session

The immersion focuses on FLOWS based on the elements - Water, Earth, Fire and Air and we will be working towards 4 peak poses:
- Utthita hasta padangusthasana variations 
- Parsva bhuja dandasana variations
- Koundinyasana 1 & 2 and Crow to Tripod transitions
- Wheel variations and drop back  

The HATHA yoga session will be focused on full body strength and flexibility. The class will be a well rounded class flowing through asana, pranayama and relaxation, with detail to alignment and emphasis on breathing - giving you a well rounded yoga experience. 

YIN yoga is a powerful practice for healing connective tissue in the body, promoting flexibility, releasing tension and healing the nervous system. Hit the reset button with the Yin yoga and guided relaxation class. 

PRANAYAMA is a practice that focuses on the power of breath to calm the nervous system and relieve stress and anxiety. Find stillness and connect to the magic within using some of the tools of breathing in this class.

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