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Teacher Training Course

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Upcoming YIN YTTC Dates

18 July-21 July, 2020.

20 August-23 August, 2020.

24-27 October, 2020.


About Yin Yoga


Magdalena Sokalska


I've finished Yin Yoga course with Szymon and Vinay, and I can fell inspiration and kind of new approach to my body and yoga-practise in general, which they gave me as teachers. It really changed my every day life, gave me a knowledge and "direction" which helps to be more balanced in my every day, intense and full of activities life. The course was held in small group, both Szymon and Vinay were very patient, cheerful and open, always ready to treat serious every small problem and question we had in the group. I felt like home in Krakow with them. I highly recommend everyone to try and take part in their courses.


Fabienne Weynanat



I really appreciated the 30-hrs yin yoga training that I attended with Szymon and Vinay in Poland. I particularly would like to emphasize their professionalism and I enjoyed the small group we were allowing everybody to feel cared about. Thanks to the self-confidence they insuflated to me, I have developed yin yoga classes in Brussels and I really feel that I am teaching a more respectful yoga for the body and soul considering each person as an individuality and allowing even elderly people (using props and chairs) to enjoy the benefits of yoga. All my gratitude to my teachers ....

Namasté !

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic yoga practice which benefits the bones, joints, muscles, fascia and the nervous system. It derives its knowledge from the Hatha yoga and Chinese Medicine traditions and is the closest to the most ancient descriptions of yoga. It's suitable for practitioners of all levels, from fitness freaks to bedridden patients.

It can benefit all these populations by improving the following conditions:

  • muscular pain

  • muscular stiffness

  • joint stiffness

  • joint pain

  • back pain

  • insomnia

  • anxiety

  • chronic fatigue

  • MS and other inflammatory neurological disorders and many more.

This course is designed to people who have already undergone basic training as yoga teachers, fitness instructors, physiotherapists, dance teachers, massage therapists etc. It focuses primarily on Yin Yoga asana practice and does not provide complete training on general teaching methodology, anatomy, physiology, pranayama, kriya, meditation, yoga philosophy and ethics. Students interested in developing their skills in theses aspects of teaching yoga should consult our syllabus for the RYT 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses - Level I. This course is also a 30h credit towards our 300h Advanced Yoga TTC “5 Elements Yoga: Yin, Somatics Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mindfulness”. 

Here is what you will Learn

  • Experiment with major categories of about 40 Yin yoga asanas and relaxation in a fully supervised way 

  • Practice Yin yoga flows designed for different body areas

  • Receive experiential training in how to teach and practice the above categories of asanas.

  •  Practice observation of peer students, receive and give feedback

  •  Practice safe and beneficial adjustments of Yin yoga asanas

  •  Practice modifications and the use of props for Yin yoga asanas.

  •  Be able to describe how Yin Yoga practice impacts the major tissues and body parts that are subject to asana practice (muscles, fascia, joints, nerves) and the spine

  • Be able to apply while teaching the principles of safe and effective stretching and explain the benefits of it

  • Be able to explain the physio-energetic connection between the nadis and myo-fascial meridians

  • Be able to briefly discuss the origins of Yin Yoga practice

  • Be able to briefly discuss differences and similarities between major contemporary yoga traditions

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