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Practice with vinay online.

  • Access to nearly 40 videos of 90 minutes each and new videos adding each month

  • Yin yoga for all levels

  • Hatha yoga for beginner to intermediate levels

  • Vinyasa yoga for intermediate to advance levels 

  • Workshop style classes designed to build up your practice and improve your understanding of your own body and mind 

  • Classes designed to make you feel stronger, more flexible and more calm 

  • You get a variety of styles to choose from, there's something for everyone

  • Access to Weekly and Monthly Passes

  • Practice anytime from any part of the world


Veena Reddy, India.

 Vinay’s online workshops have been a god sent. It was my first experience with online classes and it has been wonderful.

Vinay has this unique gift to make the tough poses accessible by breaking the asana down. The attention to details, the sequencing, the build up drills to the pose are impeccable.Last but definitely not the least is his cheerful countenance, approachability and the amazing presence (despite being online!) which makes each session memorable. He is an amazing yogi and a great teacher ... look forward to several such sessions in future.

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Ana Sneeringer, Slovenia.

 Vinay is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher.The guidance with extensive knowledge and his positive vibrations he spread trough his classes made me feel comfortable practicing and even stepping into poses I was hesitant to do. I love every single minute spent on yoga mat with Vinay.


Kozue Sato, Japan & USA.

I take Vinay's online classes during lockdown and almost never missed his classes because I have been learning from him not only technique of asanas, sequences, and Pranayamas but also good human nature.

His instructions are always precise and easy to understand.  His sequences are unique, so I find something new each time. 

His positive and kind personality and attitudes have made me realized how to be a good human being. He is so loving, passionate, kind, calm, and super humble person. He is one of the very few people I can say I trust.  I absolutely recommend Vinay as your guidance whatever you are trying to achieve. 

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